1. Pendant LED luminaire designed for 7-ft, 8-ft and 9-ft pool tables.

2. Slim profile 4‘ by length, 1′ wide and only 1” thick.

3. Provides over 65 footcandle table illuminance at a mounting height of 6.5′ from floor.

4. Uniform illumination with minimum shadowing over the entire table.

5. Multiple color temperature choices (3000K/4000K/5000K).

6. Exceptional color rendering (CRI>80).

7. Flicker free – i.e. eye-strain free.

8. Weight = 15 lbs.

9. Wattage = 50 W.



1.The usual lead time of our products is 10 business days and we can help with installations.

2. Please advise us your ceiling type so that we send you the correct luminaire suspension kit.

3. Please advise us your CCT choice, otherwise we will ship you the most popular choice from all our customers.

4. We offer a 90-day warranty for our products sold online.


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