FiN Wide

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1. Pendant LED luminaire designed for 9-ft, 10-ft pool tables as well as 3-cushion and snooker tables.

2. Slim profile 6‘ by length, 2’ wide and only 1.5” thick.

3. Delivers over 15,000 lumens.

4. Uniform illumination with minimum shadowing.

5. Tunable White (3000K-5000K).

6. CRI > 80 (High color-rendering).

7. Flicker free – i.e. eye-strain free.

8. Dimming & color-tuning by a remote.

9. Clear anodized aluminum luminaire body (gray).

10. Weight = 50 lbs, Wattage = 120 W.

11. Patented.

12. Free Shipping.



1. Please advise your ceiling height so that we send you the correct length suspension cables.

2. We offer 1-year warranty for our products sold online.

2 reviews for FiN Wide

  1. Garry Warrington (verified owner)

    Great light! I have it 8 inches off a 9 foot ceiling on a 5 by 10 foot table and it is plenty bright. Easy on the eyes too. No obstructions. Now I can see the tv and everything else. I’m not mechanicly inclined but I was to figure it out with their help. They answered every time I called.I wish pool rooms had these lights.

  2. Logan M.

    Incredible light. I could not imagine a better product. Great support to answer my many questions about assembly and wiring.

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