FiN Wide

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1. Pendant LED luminaire designed for 9ft, 10ft pool tables as well as 3-cushion and snooker tables.

2. The luminaire body is made from CNC-machined clear anodized aluminum that you normally would only find in tech-savvy gadgets. The LEDs and optics both use professional-grade material that will last 10+ years without change of look or performance.

3. Slim profile 6‘ long, 2’ wide and only 1.5” thick.

4. Uniform illumination with minimum shadowing.

5. Wattage = 120W.

6. Tunable White (3000K-5000K).

7. CRI > 80 (High color-rendering).

8. Flicker free – i.e. eye-strain free. FiN Wide delivers consistent flicker-free light that minimizes ball shadowing and player eye fatigue especially during long-period of play.

9. Included suspension cables allow for easy mounting-height adjustment. The Instruction manual and all hardware are also included for quick installations. Longer suspension cables for high ceilings and cord-n-plugs are available upon request at no additional cost.

10. Dimming & color-tuning by a remote.

11. Patented.

12. Free shipping.



1. Please advise your ceiling height so that we send you the correct length suspension cables.

2. We offer a one-year warranty for our products sold online.

2 reviews for FiN Wide

  1. Garry Warrington (verified owner)

    Great light! I have it 8 inches off a 9 foot ceiling on a 5 by 10 foot table and it is plenty bright. Easy on the eyes too. No obstructions. Now I can see the tv and everything else. I’m not mechanicly inclined but I was to figure it out with their help. They answered every time I called.I wish pool rooms had these lights.

  2. Logan M.

    Incredible light. I could not imagine a better product. Great support to answer my many questions about assembly and wiring.

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